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    Wifa Global is a community for professional women leaders & entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow to connect for financial growth and social impact.

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  • Wifa Manifesto

    Wifa global are women who take charge to be a changemaker.

    We change the rule of the game. We change culture.


    We embrace ambition and collaboration.


    We elevate our game and celebrate our wins together.


    We are women with impact to create economic opportunities for ourselves and others.


    With economic power, we can effect change not only in ourselves but also our

    next generation and society as a whole.


    We support each other in life, work and business.


    We are a force to be reckoned with because we are fierce and

    yet kind, generous and empathic.


    We are elegant in posture and eloquent in speaking.


    We are confidence. We build trust.


    We speak up, power up and level up.


    Are you ready to join us on a fun & mission-driven journey?


  • Make a Difference, Not Noise.

  • What is Wifa About

    As a Platform & Community


    Wifa is for professional women leaders & entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow to connect for growth, insights and opportunities, locally and globally.


    We learn from each other and collaborate with each other. As a community, we provide support & solace during trials and turbulences while celebrating wins & progress each step of the way.


    Young leaders help ignite passion in all of us. Professional leaders help share their wisdom for lessons learned & career advancement.


    We need to work together, in service of each other, help each other elevate and accelerate.


    It's free to join as a community member.


    As a Movement


    Wifa is for building a global ecosystem to help advance young leaders and professional women entrepreneurs through social learning, interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation and investment, from career to entrepreneurship.


    We started Wifa after seeing Melinda Gates & female comedians' "Equality Can't Wait, No Joke" campaign videos.


    We know we need change. Our traditional system trains us to work hard, pit against one another, compete like men.


    We need to change the game. No game can be changed without financial security and economic opportunities.


    As a movement, we focus on financial growth and social impact.


    Together, we can create change.


    Join us today and lead the change.


    As a Business


    Wifa is for training ambitious women leaders & entrepreneurs to amplify their voice, speak their vision, and scale their interchangeable skillsets.


    Today, we need more than just technical skills we learn from university or develop from our formal professional training.


    We need to amplify our voice, speak our vision and scale our interchangeable skillsets to achieve the financial growth and impact we want.


    The interchangeable skillsets, include:

    • career + life skills
    • professional + entrepreneurial skills
    • mental + emotional skills
    • technical + transferable skills
    • digital + human skills
    We will soon start a side hustle beta program (test run pilot program), When you join, you become our founding member and receive a founder rate. To learn more, click below.
  • Wifa Team

    We are former colleagues turned friends and now business partners with a shared

    VISION of a better world for women, starting with women in finance & accounting

    where we started our career and experienced the career gender bias, gap and ceilings.

    Mina Fung, CA, CPA, CPA (Washington)


    Mina helps entrepreneurs see their future, 10X their vision and achieving it. Her work now focuses on vision, strategy and human intelligence ("HI"). She has been working with her high profile private clients for the last four years, initially through the side door of financial & management advisory services. Soon after, her clients started to find their breakthroughs and transformations through Mina's combined models of mental + business. They have learned to weather the challenge of being a human while scaling their business and still be happy, wealth and healthy.


    Her work through M+Consulting helped Mina anchor her vision and founded Pull Vision to provide mentoring and coaching services to a wider audience. Now, she is also the host of 10X Vision podcast, interviewing former corporate leaders turned entrepreneurs and other inspiring guests.


    Now she's on a mission to join force with Kristi to help women power up and level up.

    Kristi Klassen, CPA, CGA


    Kristi is the owner of Kristi Klassen, CPA Inc. Kristi has built a 6-figure practice serving clients far and wide, remotely. Her business allows her to have more freedom and more time to spend time with her two young daughters and her husband while living their happy island life.


    Being born into a well known and prestigious family did not help Kristi to get to where she is today. She endured adversity in family breakup and breakdown before she became an adult. She had to build herself up from nothing while still being a teenager. Each time through out her career and life when she faced adversity, she came back up stronger and better. She knows how to be an incredible human playing the human game.


    Now she's on a mission to join force with Mina to help women power up and level up.

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